Be curious. Press record.
Create, then Curate. Upload, then Upvote.

The Art of Y is a project under construction that made its debut on the TedX Stage March 5th, 2016.
The team is working with the online community (That's You!) to understand and decide the best steps forward.
We look forward to your contributions as we build the first opensource, crowdsource, research-driven online community!


TedX Talk

What if we became researchers in our daily routines and we start to collect data about our experiences? And what if we could download other people's experiences as well?
In this ingenious talk, Jessica Artiles invites us to use big data to understand better how we work and to improve our learning systems as a whole.

Open Source, Crowd Source

A community built for the people, by the people, and of the people, where anyone from around the world can contribute to a more knowledge-able tomorrow.


Curious Creators that Curate their data. Our "Cureators" decide what data we consider for research and are active creators of our data sets by simply asking... ¿Why?


We applaude the right questions over assumed answers that would work. After all, problem-finding is the hard part. The solving we can handle.

Contribute. Shape it. Make it your own.

The Vision that's got Seoul

The following pitch was accepted as part of the application to the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Seoul, South Korea taking place late March, 2016.

Key words include: Sonder; learning from others; interconnectedness; Go-Pro